Performing Arts Coaching

Are you achieving your full potential as a Performing Artist?

To be a successful Performing Artist you need to be confident in yourself and know that your career expectations are routed in reality.

Where ever you are in your career your perception of the world around you and the ability to respond in a meaningful way to the challenges and obstacles that you face is key for your continuous growth as an artist and human being.

What would it feel like if you had someone who would listen to you without judgement but who was your sounding board bringing clarity to the solutions to your challenges?

I am here to be that person – just for you.

There is nothing that you cannot bring to your coaching session and below you can see some of the most common issues which my clients have felt were important to them.

  • Goal setting and results

  • Personality type and impact on career and professional relationship

  • Career aims

  • Practise and performance ergonomics

  • Ambition and self confidence

  • Physical and mental health

  • Stress and practise

  • Performance anxiety

  • Assertiveness and negotiation strategies

  • Motivation and commitment

  • Visualisation techniques

  • How to balance performing and teaching

If you want to know more about how I can help you contact me for a free discovery call.

'I am looking forward to touring again with a strong hand.'

If you are thinking of having a consultation with Paul, then I would highly recommend it. I had a 1-hour zoom consultation, and within that session, he was able to assess my playing in a way that no other teacher or specialist had previously. We both narrowed down the root cause of my RSI, which happened to be a warm-up exercise that I’d been taught eight-years prior. Paul’s approach was candid and genuine, and I felt a great sense of relief to have my problem so clearly spelt out to me. I am looking forward to touring again with a strong hand.

Bradley Hutchings, guitarist. UK.

'I am deeply grateful to Paul.'

I’m deeply grateful to Paul, and the team of experts he works with. In one session where he observed my playing and the issues I was facing, he identified with clarity some aspects that I had ignored for too long. I’m now working daily on the mind-set and the overall approach that Paul suggested to me, and I’m slowly but surely re-discovering the playing and music living that I’ve been dreaming of, for a very long time. Thank you Paul!

Marco Piccioni, musician and freediver, UK.