I am a Transformational Awareness Coach, Academic Coach and Performing Arts Coach.

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Animas Centre of Coaching, London.

In my current job I am introducing coaching to the Senior Leadership Team as part of staff development and performance management, developing a resilience programme for staff, and planning how we can use coaching as a strategy to support parents.


My most recent leadership role has been focused on ensuring diversity and equality amongst staff (BAME) and students and the implementation of an anti-racism and conflict resolution programme. My key achievement was using non-judgemental coaching techniques and as a result of this the workplace became more aligned to its mission statement ensuring diversity and equal opportunities for all.

My leadership experience includes implementing the Growth Mindset in a school. Using my coaching skills I led a team for six months reviewing, planning and implementing strategies involving all stakeholders. This lead to a culture focused on raising achievements by harnessing the individual’s resilience and self-motivation resulting in outstanding examination outcomes and increased staff motivation and well-being.

I am a Performing Arts Coach specialising in performance anxiety. I am an expert in devising personalised strategies to increase self-confidence. I am part of the pioneering medical team lead by the hand surgeon Dr Mark Phillips developing innovative treatments for prevention and rehabilitation of guitarists.

I have a special interest in how to apply the newest scientific discoveries from brain plasticity as part of transformational leadership practice.


My clients has benefitted from this learning by knowing how to improve the brain’s adaptability and resilience to stress, developing a positive attitude to problem solution and improving emotional intelligence.

I started my leadership coaching training in 2008 (‘Developing Coaching Skills for Leaders’ VT Four S) and became in charge of coaching of staff at the school I worked at. Supporting colleagues I have developed a reputation as an effective and transformational leader and coach.

As an educator, I have 17 years of experience teaching A level Psychology in some of the leading independent and maintained sixth form colleges and schools in England. With my excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge my teaching has inspired my students to study Psychology, Law and Medicine at some of the finest universities in the UK including Russell Group Universities and Oxbridge. I have taught students of all abilities from 20 different ethnic backgrounds.

During my fifteen year long career as a classical guitarist I went on to become a Performing Arts Medicine Therapist working for the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM London) since 2004. My dissertation ‘Ergonomics of the Guitar’ was published in Classical Guitar Magazine and I have written articles on performance ergonomics and given lectures including at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

I have a MA in Music from The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Denmark. I have an enhanced DBS certificate for working with children and young adults.