Leadership Coaching


I am able to control only that of which I am aware

Centred on the six principles of Transformational Awareness Leadership, you will get a bespoke journey for you and your team where you will explore, engage and become empowered to discover how a deepened awareness can transform your organisation and the people that make it.


At the heart of my approach lies a fundamental principle, that of wholeness.


This means that we work as equal partners creating a holistic and transformational work environment where the values of transparency, integrity, diversity and equality are the key drivers of growth and revenue.[1]

Mission statement

To empower you and your team to develop and maintain positive lasting change in line with your company’s mission statement and vision for the future.

To ensure my clients reach their highest potential, become the best versions of themselves, succeed in their roles, flourish as individuals and as an organisation.

The workshop

The one-day workshop will give you a leadership toolkit that will empower you to develop an interdependent culture where each individual feels motivated to achieve self-actualisation at work.  You will have the opportunity to learn simple and effective coaching techniques that you can apply immediately in your leadership role.

With these techniques, you will be able to lead your teams developing trust, honesty and interdependence that allows people to be themselves in a high performance culture.

The starting point is an in-depth discussion with you before the workshop. The discussion is an opportunity for you to share with me the company’s mission and values, where you and your team are now and most importantly where you want to be in the future.

The workshop is activity based and allows you and other leaders to develop first-hand experience of the presented models and scenarios, high levels of engagement, role playing and the sharing of the creative process that are associated with high performance and success.

Each participant will receive a working manual, where they can write notes and keep track of their thoughts, write down calls to actions and other relevant information as they go through the workshops. Research has shown that recall is up to 55 percent higher after 3 months when you have a practical experience whilst learning.[2]

In the workshop you will learn about cognition, presence, paradigms, ego states and transactions and how meaning and purpose can transform you and your team to reach your full potential.

To ensure maximum benefit, bespoke 1:1 coaching and team coaching is recommended as a follow up to the workshop.



[1] ‘Leadership behaviour affects bottom-line performance by up to 30 percent’ (The Hay Group)

[2] Recall scores after training focused on ‘told, shown and experienced vs. told’ (Coaching for Performance 5th edition 2017.)