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Client results

Here are some of the results I have helped my clients achieve;


  • Transformational lasting change after just six sessions

  • Developing your business from scratch as a means of career change

  • Raising self-awareness and self-confidence through clarity of perception

  • Establish transformational changing lasting behaviour by connecting with your true self

  • Public speaking and use of positive body language by eliminating performance anxiety

  • Increase earnings significantly via consistent and results focused planning

  • Improve leadership skills and working effectively with your teams to overcome obstacles to change


  • Using coaching techniques as part of performance management at work

  • Developing strategies for musicians to overcome performance anxiety

  • To understand how you are viewed by others and how it affects your ability to communicate and achieve results

  • Moving away from being a people pleaser to have interdependent relationship based on mutual equality and respect

  • Being happy and confident about your present and future, even though it might include risk taking and uncertainty

  • Academic and life coaching for teenagers through periods of change and lack of motivation

  • To enhance your understanding of how to strengthen presence in the moment and stop mind-wandering

  • To improve relationships between parents and teenagers

  • To improve fitness and plan fitness strategies

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