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My passion is to transform you, with you.

I am here to offer you a space and time to be listened to without judgement.

I love supporting you in achieving your goals but will not tell you what to think, feel or do.

I want to challenge your thinking about your-self, to enable you to move forward and get the results you want.

I am your sounding board giving you the opportunity to find the right solutions that works for you.

I believe in values such as honesty, empathy and clarity, but most importantly I believe in YOU.

Paul Anders Søgaard

My clients often speak about how they have gained clarity about four specific issues in their life; awareness, meaning, purpose and values.


This has enabled them to achieve the goals and results they were looking for before their coaching journey began.

Awareness relates to your being. During the coaching journey you will find that your level of awareness increases significantly.


I often hear my clients say that they have gained a much deeper insight into themselves and the world around them as a results of being coached by me.

The higher your level of awareness is the more you are able to realise your full human potential and you can bring unlimited service into the world.

This will lead you to the experience of complete fulfilment in your life and people will see you as a bringer of light, peace and understanding.

In every situation in your life you will be looking for potential and opportunities in yourself and everyone you meet.

Meaning relates to realising that you have the power, creativity and responsibility to make the changes you yearn for.


When this way of thinking takes place you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny and are ready to make lasting changes, which leads to a more meaningful life.

Purpose is about intent and action. I may ask you ‘What is the purpose of your action?’ to seek clarification on what it is you really what to achieve next and to how deeply this matter to you.

Your values are so significant in all the decisions you make and being aware of these and how they consciously or subconsciously affect your decision making is key for personal growth.

I welcome you as whole human being and I hope you will let me be part of your journey taking the next leap forward.

Why not contact me today for a free discovery conversation?



How I Can Help You

  • To get you started on your journey. Each session is

    1 hr

    £550 six sessions
  • For further personal growth. Each session is

    1 hr

    £650 eight sessions
  • Extra flexibility with additional sessions. Each session is

    1 hr

    £750 ten sessions
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